Fact Sheet: Campus


1951, by Bill and Vonette Bright on the UCLA campus


Cru's campus ministry is committed to offering students and faculty a chance to know Jesus and take the gospel to the campus, community and world. Cru serves as a resource on high school and college campuses through educational, social and spiritual programs that range from large, campus-wide events and conferences to small, intimate Bible studies and accountability groups.​


Mark Gauthier, executive director, has served with Cru since 1986, beginning at Harvard University then expanding the ministry to students in the greater Boston area. In just five years, he led a team to establish a ministry presence on 27 Boston campuses.

In 1996, Gauthier joined the executive leadership team, which provides guidance and direction to thousands of Cru staff and volunteers on high school and college campuses. He moved into his current role in 2003.


Cru is:

  • served by more than 4,900 missionary staff

  • engaging more than 94,970 students and faculty in 2,696 groups on high school and college campuses

  • present on some 316 international campuses

  • working within ethnic, linguistic, social and professional identities including: international students (Bridges International), Hispanics/Latinos (Destino), Asian-Americans (Epic), African-Americans (Impact), Korean-Americans (SOON), Native Americans/First Nations peoples (Nations), South Asian Americans (Design), ROTC members (Valor), grad students and professors (Faculty Commons), and fraternity and sorority members (Greek Life)

  • reaching more than 370,000 unique visitors each month through


Winter Conferences

Located around the country, Cru's Winter Conferences generate momentum, excitement and vision for some 10,000 students each year.​

International Relief

Locally, nationally and globally Cru helps students meet spiritual and physical needs of those suffering from social injustices (like human trafficking) or natural disasters.